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learning community, for positive change in organisations

A growing number of individuals experience an emerging need of change in the way they engage and participate in their communities, workplaces and society as whole. Incremental tension in professional roles, perceived geopolitical threats, concerns about the future living conditions through climate change are just a few driving symptoms to mention, leading to a loss of trust in the systems we are subject to.


In order to enable a positive change in society, all stakeholder groups and organizations are needed in a participatory process of redesign and alignment to achieve the future we need and want. Eventually, the success of effective change boils down to the capacity of each individual within the society.

As members of a global, collaborative society we would like to invite you to participate in Agents of change: with 8 session per year, we travel through a program focussed on people who wish to make a positive impact on their community. Be it the own family, neighborhood, workplace, local community or society as a whole.

The Agents of Change learning sessions, offer a safe environment for people who wish to make a positive impact at their workplace. It is a community filled with encouragement and collaboration where you can build your capacity to contribute to meaningful change.


We invite you to be a part of a journey on which you will progress on a path of learning, developing and applying your personal talents in order to become an Agent of Change.

  • Date November 6th, 2019
  • Time17:30 to 21:00
  • Place Avenue Blanc 46, 1202 Genève
  • Space Up to 30 participants

friendship is
the foundation of
all social actions


  • Unfold individual capacity as an Agent of Change to promote and contribute to meaningful change in organizations and the build-up of communities
  • Sharing experiences and learning with a diverse group of people
  • Building awareness to identify and commit to own initiatives
  • Become a part of an international Agent of Change network sharing practices to nudge our work environments towards change

In the first session, we will explore how you can start a change process. By sharing of experiences and ideas, each of us will have defined an assignment to be presented and discussed during the second session.

The third session will focus on creating a new mind (-set) by looking at conditions and the nature of meaningful conversations within a group. Your own practical experience of applying the acquired understanding will be shared and discussed during the fourth session.

Finally, developing capacities for building unity is our focus for the fifth session. With the gained learnings, you will practice your capacity to contribute to meaningful change in organizations of your specific context. In the last session, we together will share and evaluate the outcomes and insights.

Agents of Change: membership
Are you interested in joining the Agents of Change learning spaces? Then become a member of the global community. Please subscribe now! Guests are always welcome.

As a community member, you are part of the global community. Your membership consists of a yearly fee. With your membership, the community offers you:

  • participation in local Agents of Change learning groups (at least 6 times a year);
  • opportunity to join other Agents of Change groups around the world;
  • access to an online platform with knowledge sharing, conversations, knowledge library and online study groups;
  • access to network of people who are active Agents of Change;
  • the opportunity to contribute to reshaping the world through meaningful work.

Besides a yearly membership, you are asked to contribute to the local costs for venue and refreshments. All participants are also expected to contribute in kindness and be generous in their time, commitment, sharing of experiences and insights, and listening.

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* All membership options give the exact same access to everything the Learning Community offers. With the membership fee, we keep on developing new materials, content for the platform and develop learning mechanisms. Some members would like to contribute more, this is your opportunity. Please note that all options are non-refundable