Elwyn Ko, founder of School of Ninja

building apps to promote justice

I founded a company named OK Comply because I am passionate about searching for digital solutions for problems in companies and society. However, it has to be meaningful, purposeful. I just don’t think you can start or be working in a company that is not working for a more sustainable world.

Elwyn Ko

I have been part of the soul.com community for many years. Here are people who are thinking about organisational change the same way I do. I feel at home in the way the community looks at the world and how change is facilitated. Those ideas and concepts resonate with me and I totally believe this is the way forward. The gatherings are always a source of inspiration and learning for me. We are not discussing how to make more sales, but about the transformation of our companies, about the culture, how to make the company more open, that there is more trust. All these concepts contribute to a sustainable and profitable business. And this is what I immediately apply in my own company.

More importantly, it has impacted me personally a great deal. People in my environment tell me the same thing. I tend to be quite dominant and interrupting people so I can say what I think. I don’t know why I do that, but being part of the soul community has helped me to change for the better. I try to have more moments of reflection, to listen more carefully and to engage in meaningful conversations. This is the main reason why I participate in the soul community. Because when I change personally, this has an impact on the entire organisation. I believe we all should focus on these things.

I feel at home
in the way
the community
looks at the world

transforming companies
into communities