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On this page, you can find basic materials for communication purposes. You can use them to promote the work of

short statements

If you wish to share some of the ideas and thoughts of, you can find some statements below:

our purpose

the world needs people who can
build communities, who are agents of change, architects of the future.

People who can change habits of inciting division and competition into constructive patterns of promoting understanding and cooperation. People who can inspire others to live a purposeful life and to serve humanity.

This is our purpose: to inspire, train, and accompany millions of people who wish to promote unity and trust among people. People who aspire to transform their workplaces into purposeful communities. People who wish to develop themselves and recognize the power of the human spirit to love, learn, cooperate and serve. People who wish to reshape the world through meaningful work.

to identify what is required for progress to occur...

meaningful conversations

Most of us have experienced in our lives how meaningful conversations changed our choices and our actions. uses meaningful conversations to constitute workplaces where people can thrive. We call such profound workplaces ‘communities’. Once a person feels heard, seen, and when their experience and ideas are received, we often see that they can become genuine agents of change. Work transforms into meaningful work. When groups of these protagonists gather around a common purpose, something extraordinary happens: they unleash the capacity to reshape the world.

meaningful conversations role trust

To grow people’s capacity in engaging in meaningful conversations, we have developed our internationally renowned course Soul-driven leadership.  It not only gives new concepts and ideas or helps you to develop new skills; the course invites you to reflect upon your personal development, and it is set up to gradually acquire new attitudes and qualities that make your human side come forward.