Our activities for the fall and winter

Let our practical approach to change and development be of service to you and your organisation. Join us to learn more about capacity building, and how this can be of help to start acting and creating the changes that are needed.

Below you will find an overview of all possibilities to join us. We are looking forward to meeting you online!

agents of change fall/winter special

We offer you the possibility to fully participate in our November and December Agents of Change events.


On 6 November you can attend our annual Agents of Change community event. This time an online Friday-afternoon-edition. All members from across the world are invited. Central theme of learning will be our 2020 annual theme “meaningful work”.

The Amsterdam agents of change group opens up to all interested. The last Amsterdam-meeting of 2020, also online, will take place on Thursday 10 December. Theme of the evening: how to create a work-life balance in a gentle and constructive way?


Subscribe through our website to receive all info needed. If you’re a first time visitor, you can choose to visit one of the events for free, or subscribe to both.


If you’ve visited an Agents of Change meeting in the last year, choose the combined visit  to gain access to both.


The sessions will be mainly in English. During breakout sessions we’re happy to adapt to other languages if possible and needed. [subscribe]

soul-driven leadership

Humanity is facing serious challenges that are very complex and affect us all. They can only be solved through a profound change in our thinking: to recognize that we are all part of one global system and that mutual trust and cooperation are essential for our own survival and prosperity. Our Soul-driven leadership courses provide you with the possibility to rapidly learn how to create, stimulate and contribute to this mutual trust and cooperation. They give an insight into the what & why and invite you to practice and learn together how to do this.


This fall we offer the unique opportunity to take course 1, course 2 or both courses within one month. Subscribe and choose what suits you best!


Soul-driven leadership course 1: trust,  gives insight into how to recognise trust as the elemental force that allows people, communities, and organizations to flourish. It allows you to build your capacities in such a way that you are able to facilitate conversations that stimulate and create an environment of trust. This SDL course is available in Dutch (28-30 October) as well as in English (11-13 November) [subscribe]


Soul-driven leadership course 2, hope, takes you deep into the system of an organisation and gives you the unique opportunity to experience the power of collective learning, reading the reality of your organisation and thus unlocking the will to act. (25-27 November)[subscribe]


Subscribing for both courses at once comes with an attractive discount. [subscribe]

what our previous participants say

There was so much that I learned and will continue to integrate into my life and interactions moving forwards. (participant soul-driven leadership course 1, July, US).


It was a great three day course […] Compliments to Soul on how they designed the remote cooperation.


This course marks yet another step in my adventure of leadership. A next step that will consist of further discussions, experience and meaningful conversations.


In our efforts to learn how we can contribute to making the world work for 100% of humanity, we have learned a lot over the last few months. From taking all our programmes online, to learning to work in 6 different time zones at once. From having conversations of hope with students during a severe lockdown, to addressing racial inequality in such a way that every voice can be heard.


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