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how to be an active agent of change?

The soul.com learning community is dedicated to learn how to create meaningful work that reshapes the world. The community offers a safe learning environment, filled with encouragement and collaboration where we can build our own capacity to contribute to meaningful change at our workplaces. We invite you to join our learning community today!


Why change our workplaces?

Humanity is facing serious challenges that are very complex and affect us all, such as perceived geopolitical threats, concerns about future living conditions through climate change, economic difficulties, and a decrease in social cohesion.

Every human being has a role to play to reshape the world: to make the world work for 100% of humanity. We spend most of our time at work. It is through our work that we can make a contribution to society. But oftentimes, our workplace is not (yet) the place where we can fully develop our own potential and at the same time reshape the world. But how does such a meaningful workplace look like? And how we can work towards that?

When we are learning how to make our workplaces meaningful, we become part of a global movement that is reshaping the world through meaningful work!

What does the soul.com learning community offer?

As a soul.com learning community member, you are part of the global community. Your membership consists of a yearly fee. With your membership, the soul.com learning community offers you:

  • participation in local Agents of Change learning groups (at least 6 times a year);
  • opportunity to join other Agents of Change groups around the world;
  • access to an online platform with knowledge sharing, conversations, knowledge library and online study groups;
  • access to a network of people who are active Agents of Change;
  • the opportunity to contribute to reshaping the world through meaningful work.

friendship is
the foundation of
all social actions

What are the Agents of Change groups?

In different localities around the world people form learning groups called “Agents of Change groups”. You can join one of the groups in the Netherlands, El Salvador or Switzerland. We expect other groups to start in other parts of Europe. A group consists of at least five people but is expected to grow to fifteen or more.

These groups meet at least six times a year to study selected themes about meaningful work. Emphasis is placed during the sessions on how the ideas can be applied to our own reality. Some of the themes that are being studied are:

  • What does it mean to be an agent of change?
  • How to start a process of positive change at work?
  • How to promote trust between people?
  • How to take time to reflect?
  • How to deal with resistance?
  • How can we use diversity as a positive force at work?
  • and many more

Each local Agents of Change group has now its own webpage, which includes the local agenda (themes and dates), photos, text and registration. Check out the links below:

We asked Elwyn Ko, one of the members of our agents of change network, what he gains from the network. this is what he had to say:


“Agents of Change is not a business network. It’s not about how to get more customers or establish warm contacts. To me, Agents of Change is a space for personal growth. We talk about culture. We exchange views on how to make your company more open. And how to build trust.


One of the things I applied in my own organisation is the concept of meaningful conversations. These moments make our team stronger. It creates a team with a joint vision of the future. Of course, making a profit is the goal of our company. But not only economically, but also on the level of society and sustainability.”

What is the online learning platform?

An online learning platform has been developed to gather the insights and experiences from the community together in one place. The platform consists of:

  • notes and reflections of each learning session of each Agents of Change group that people can read and comment upon;
  • a space to reach out to other community members for questions and/or collaboration;
  • tools that can support you in transforming your work into meaningful work, such as:
    • Conversation cards to help you to have more meaningful conversations at work
    • Tools that support the development of capacities for the ones who participated in the courses of Soul Driven Leadership
    • Sharing of learnings through webinars on topics that relate to the transformation of work, including about hope, meaningful conversations, and purpose.

As we are learning together, the platform will expand and develop in the coming years.

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Learn together,
make work
more meaningful.

Becoming a member, what does it ask from me?

The annual membership fee is € 225. You can also contribute more if you wish to sponsor the contribution fee for another person. For students, we offer a special price of € 75. The membership fees cover the coordination and training of facilitators of the local groups, the development of the materials, and running of the online learning platform.

Besides a yearly membership, you are asked to contribute to the costs for venue and refreshments of the local Agents of Change group. All participants are also expected to contribute in kindness and be generous in their time, commitment, sharing of experiences and insights, and listening.

How do I join the community?

You join the community by completing the registration process and paying the membership fee. Visit the local Agents of Change group pages to find the next gathering in your area. Guests are always welcome.

If you are interested to start your own local Agents of Change group, please contact the soul.com community office for more information.



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