Dorrine Kassiri

People are emotional beings who moved from an environment of scarcity to an environment of abundance in less than a century. This environment has tricked people and made them act on impulses and not reason. As a medical doctor, Dorrine Kassiri experienced firsthand how dealing with this environment with lust and greed led to the obesity of two-thirds of people in the industrialized society, making them susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Business organizations were not spared from this shift. Just as it is not enough for the human body to have good organ structures in place in order to stay healthy, it is also not enough for business organizations to have good structures in place. The answer for the body lies hidden in discovering the purpose of life leading to adopting a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what offers for business organizations.

Dorrine is passionate about unleashing the true potential of every person, every community, and every organization. She has worked as a doctor, trainer, volunteer, and professional at the levels of children and youth groups in communities, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, and training seminars and conferences in multiple countries. Dorrine wants to help organizations and corporations that are seeking nothing less than to shine and give their best to society, all while understanding that these organizations are communities with a soul before being offices and jobs.

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