Mahmud Samandari

Mahmud Samandari Ambassodor of

Mahmud Samandari is passionate about innovation; meaningful innovation with purpose.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has started several companies and organizations in 3 continents, in a variety of fields, ranging from education to IT to Communications, combining them together. For example, his company Globatel was a pioneer in satellite-based interactive distance learning in Latin America.

Passion is not fun if it is not shared. So, he has always been involved in mentoring, coaching, training and consulting, besides starting and running companies and associations. He has been a coach for startups for the account of the Swiss government, member of the advisory board of ‘COMPASS: Responsible Innovation for SMEs’and contributor to the publication ‘Innovation for Development Report’, among others. He is a founding member and Secretary General of the Global Governance Forum.

As a co-founder and Secretary General of ebbf (Ethical Business Building the Future), his ambition has been to make the organization a space of trust, respect, unity and spirituality for people to have meaningful conversations on how to contribute to a just, sustainable and prosperous civilization.

He contributes to the international expansion of Soul, so that millions can find their own way of expressing their innate nobility and potential in action and service.

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