Osric Caton

Osric in meaningful conversation with Sjoerd

Osric draws from a broad set of knowledge, experiences and skills. He is educated in Economics and Technology, and – accompanied by his entrepreneurial experience and spirit – this forms the foundation to contribute to the much-desired transformation in people, organizations, and society.

Over the past decade, Osric applied his talents and skills to create awareness in people; He challenges the assumptions and mental models that hinder organizations and their people from fulfilling their potential. Osric has been part of soul.com for more than ten years and plays an essential role in building soul.com into what it has become today. With his positive attitude – always looking at the potential – he has delivered many meaningful improvements and developments at the product, technological, creative and organizational level.

In addition to the expansion of soul.com, in his role as facilitator, he draws experience from his entrepreneurship, systems thinking, technology, and awareness of culture and diversity. Osric has a strong desire to always get to the root of a problem, search for the truth and not settle for the obvious.


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