Reda El Andaloussi

Through his extensive travels, Reda has raised his consciousness about the diversity and unity of humans around the world. He came to understand the various contexts humans have adapted to, hence nurturing specific cultures; still, Reda is convinced that humans aspire commonly to the same needs, ranging from security and peace to happiness.

Reda has developed over the years a profound admiration, trust, and faith in the human potential, with the desire to cultivate the conditions for the best to emerge, in the pursuit of a desirable future benefiting everyone on the planet. Reda developed a passion for the topic of progress for himself, for others, and for organisations of all types, always endeavoring to put human advancement as the first beneficiary of any possible progress.

Practically, he is involved in education-related activities and supporting organisations in their transformation process.

Reda holds an industrial engineering degree enriched with extensive executive training. He gained his first experience within KPMG, then Accenture, before joining various Swiss investment and private Banks.

Throughout these experiences, Reda has led and/or participated in large-scale business transformation programs in various industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Consumer Goods, Telecom and Banking) with business, process, systems, and people considerations.

In 2010 Reda founded Waves Ventures, a boutique firm specialising in supporting individuals and organisations in redefining and accessing progress. Waves Ventures has been involved in several large-scale programs, ranging from delivering complex corporate programs (M&A transactions, transformation initiatives) to designing and delivering corporate innovation initiatives. Reda is also lecturing in various business schools on leadership, change management, and innovation.

Reda enjoys raising his three kids with his wife in the Geneva countryside. Aside from his professional passions, Reda loves learning, music, photography, traveling the world, camping in the wild, sailing, and walking in nature.


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