Tahirih Saba’h Michot

For over two decades, Tahirih has made her impression as an advocate of human-centered interventions designed to create dynamic and responsive environments where people thrive. She is most well-known for her significant contributions to the research, design, and implementation of professional development and capacity-building interventions in the private and public sectors. The result of these human-centered interventions has seen a shift in perspective, thinking, and behavior while building on existing professional achievements, thus enabling professionals to thrive in their environments.

Clients and colleagues describe Tahirih as a dynamic, driven, innovative facilitator of change and inclusive thinking partner!

When she’s not researching, strategizing, designing, and facilitating bespoke programs, you will find Tahirih having deep, meaningful conversations with others to unlock spiritual potential, strengthening the belief that the future is positive and we can make a difference.

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