The Pixar feature film “Soul” is coming out on 25 December 2020. In the movie, the main character, Joe, discovers what it means to have a soul.

This is what is all about: to have a soul in our work and life. It is about dedicating ourselves to make the world more just. And at the same time unlock our own potential.

Having a soul in our lives is about making courageous choices. Courage finds its root from “coeur” which means ‘heart’ in French. Courage is about making choices that reflect our deepest values and beliefs. When we learn how to act upon these values, we are able to live a soulful life. 

It is not something that happens only in movies. It happens here and now: in real life. Because you can start to take small actions reflecting your beliefs. Actions that may seem insignificant in the beginning. But if you take many small steps and learn from them… you will end up having a meaningful life. 

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