remote work:
leveraging what has been learnt!

The pandemic pivoted us into a new reality: remote work. Although many of the circumstances as a result of COVID may flip back, remote work is here to stay. And thus, many of the temporarily question become permanent. 

How to motivate people when people are working in isolation?

Many people are alone behind their desk. They are ‘covering ground’, shifting from one meeting to another. We used to have moments to pause. The famous coffee-corner conversations helped people to put things in perspective. To unload and connect with others. People find motivation in connecting with others. But how do we connect in a remote context? How do we make meeting other people ‘meaningful’ and not just ‘useful’?

How to keep teams together – working as one?
Pushing massive amounts of work, people seem to move many conflicts forward to address in better times (“when this situation is over)”. Problems, therefore, are not addressed constructively and start to deteriorate relations in the mid-term. How can you support teams to create an environment of trust, to address underlying problems? Once a team grows their capacity to handle conflict constructively, it can also release an extensive reservoir of potential energy.

How can people learn to manage time to work and time for meetings?

We expect burn-out rates to rise. The decline in the mental health of employees is a hidden disaster, ready to unfold. For example, people plan back-to-back meetings and take no time to recover or DO the work. And, the boundaries between private life and work have disappeared, often leading to less effective work. As a result, the to-do’s pile up, leading to more stress. How can we learn to break these patterns?

meaningful conversations is using meaningful conversations to constitute workplaces where people can thrive. We call such profound workplaces ‘communities’. Once a person feels heard, seen, and when their experience and ideas are received, we often see that they can become genuine agents of change. Work transforms into meaningful work.

We all have experienced how a meaningful conversation changed our choices and our actions.

To grow peoples capacity in engaging in meaningful conversations, we have developed our international renowned course Soul-driven leadership. It not only gives new concepts and ideas or helps you to develop new skills; the course invites you to reflect upon your personal development, and it is set up to gradually acquire new attitudes and qualities that make your human side come forward.

After more than 20 years of working in organisational transformation, we’ve synthesized our learnings into a proven and effective leadership programme. Hundreds of people participated in our classroom courses and became agents of change inside their organisations. The current times have enabled us to manifest a long-standing wish: Soul-driven leadership online.

online introduction

We will offer a special introductory session on Soul-driven leadership. This is 60 min. online zoom session to introduce Soul-driven leadership and explore how it can help you to leveragee the learnings from remote work. Select the option below and you will receive a confirmation and a zoom link.


  • We'll only use your phone number to message you, in case any technical difficulties arise before or during the session.

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