Soul International Cooperative

For generations to come

The preamble of our statutes state:

“A community must be designed for future generations and thus have a sustainable structure that cannot be about the ownership or financial interests of a few, which quickly tempt the reversal of ends and means. Also, it is desirable to have a decentralization to promote expansion of the community. Each local reality has its own characteristics and in order to respond to them a structure is needed that has freedom, invests responsibility locally and whose ‘soul’ (purpose, volition and values) is binding and guiding. Working in smaller units spreads the financial risk for the whole. At the same time, the ability to learn together and support each other remains. ‘A school of fish instead of one big fish’.”

Learning in action

“The cooperative is not just a means of offering its programs to “external” parties, but it is essentially a learning community of people who want to learn about community building in practice and apply it in different contexts.”

“The members of the cooperative are people who see the need to make the world work for 100% of humanity and recognize the importance of community building to accelerate the necessary transitions in the world. Moreover, the participants also applied the insights of community building in their personal lives, such as in their relationships, family, or neighborhood, and of course within the cooperative itself. The cooperative therefore became a real living laboratory where all experiences and insights were directly applied to ourselves, reflected in our own thinking and actions. The cooperative learns to become a community itself where people work in unity of action and serve together.”

Soul embedded in statutes

Our unity of purpose, vision, and thought are protected and consolidated in our legal statutes and community agreements. These two documents are points of reference and provide guidance for our functioning and way of working.

Read more about our history and fundamental principles in the preamble and statutes of the cooperative.

Read more about the practical way of working of the cooperative, described in the community agreements.

Join the Soul International Cooperative

We have seen that many different people are attracted to the philosophy and want to be actively involved in the learning process. Moreover, some also want to be active in a professional (work) sense, for example by facilitating the cooperative’s training and programs and thus (gradually) generate an income. To meet these different needs, two types of memberships have been developed: “membership of belonging” and “membership of community builders”.

You are warmly invited to join the Soul International Cooperative and learn together how to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

Read more about becoming a member of the cooperative.