transforming companies into communities

become the organisation of the future

Humanity is facing serious challenges that are very complex and affect us all. They can only be solved through a profound change in our thinking: to recognize that we are all part of one global system and that mutual trust and cooperation are essential for our own survival and prosperity.

Every human being, family, organisation, and institution has a role to play in promoting trust and unity among people. Everyone has a right and responsibility to actively contribute towards one collective goal for humanity: to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

You cannot solve problems
with the same level of consciousness
that created them.

A. Einstein

To achieve this fantastic goal of one unified humanity, we need to direct our energies to a more manageable scale: building unified families, neighbourhoods, and organisations. When we are able to transform the places where we live and work, we contribute directly to a more sustainable and prosperous world.

The world needs people who can build communities, who are agents of change, architects of the future. People who can change habits of inciting division and competition into constructive patterns of promoting understanding and cooperation. People who can inspire others to live a purposeful life and to serve humanity.

This is our purpose: to inspire, train, and accompany millions of people who wish to promote unity and trust among people. People who aspire to transform their workplaces into purposeful communities. People who wish to develop themselves and who recognize the power of the human spirit to love, learn, cooperate and serve. People who wish to reshape the world through meaningful work.