The community has created a space for people to engage in meaningful conversations about subjects that matter. The topics often revolve around a theme of one of the courses, such as:

  • Trust: listening, having meaningful conversations, trust at work
  • Hope: such as the future of work, the state of the world, unlocking the potential of youth.
  • Being an agent of change: taking initiative, cooperating with others, learning
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: addressing racial inequity, gender equality. 



For anyone who is interested in the selected topic and who wishes to develop their capacity to engage in meaningful conversations.



We believe that transformation starts with conversations between people. In the words of Peter Block:

If we have any desire to create an alternative future, it is only going to happen through a shift in our language…or, more precisely, to have a conversation that we have not had before, one that has the power to create something new in the world.



Some characteristics of the space “meaningful conversations”:

  • We listen attentively to each other, 
  • We try to elevate our souls, 
  • We build on each other’s ideas, 
  • We invite everyone to participate, and 
  • We encourage each other to be honest and caring.


At least once a month there is a meaningful conversation online with participants of the Soul-driven Leadership course. By joining the conversations, you can get a taste of the course and experience first-hand the power of having meaningful conversations with others.

Below is a calendar of planned events, including meaningful conversations with the specific topic stated. Register and you will receive more information and the zoom-link.

Other practical points

  • The sessions are facilitated by trained people and are held online. 
  • They last around one hour 
  • Conversations are held in different languages depending on the location. 
  • Everyone is welcome and they are free of charge. 

upcoming sessions

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Organisations and institutions we work with:

United States - Department of state
Bhutan - center of Bhutan studies
Universiteit van Amsterdam
UBIS university
Hogeschool van Amsterdam