There are three protagonists in transforming a company into community: the individual, the community, and the institutions. Communities can not be built from the outside, but experiences from others can be shared.
We “walk with people” in an action-based learning process, and offer our knowledge and experience in the process of transformation, making a direct impact on the organisation. Also, we learn with the people about challenges unique to a specific environment and respond to it using the community building approach. All of this, while at the same time constantly reflecting upon the people's own capacity building progress. Accompaniment can be done online or on location.

I never teach my pupils,
I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.
A. Einstein

examples of accompaniment:

  • A trusted sparring partner of CEO, MD, manager
  • Coach or mentor of a board or MT
  • Facilitating workshops for MT (off-sites) to strengthen unity
  • Facilitating of specific meetings on sensitive or complex subjects
  • Designing and guiding a transformation process
  • Assisting with organisational change
  • Design and assist with management development programmes
  • Coach or mentor to individuals
  • Assisting individuals in bringing about meaningful change at their workplace