transforming companies into communities accompanies organisations to transform into purposeful communities. We consider communities as the highest form of human organisation where the various talents and capacities of different people are channelled into one purposeful and productive movement.

We accompany you in building communities that thrive on the collective energy of the group, based on promoting unity and trust; communities in which people recognize the power of the human spirit to love, learn, cooperate and serve; communities where people reshape the world through meaningful work.

our approach: learning in action

Accompaniment is like walking a path of learning together based on trust and friendship. Every organisation is unique with different realities and challenges. During our accompaniment, we focus on building your capacity to take charge of your own development in becoming a community.


We do this by offering you concepts, experience and insights that you can apply into your own daily reality at work. Central to our methodology is learning in action: a systematic process of action, reflection upon action, consultation and study. Our programs are developed based on the many years of experience that has gained in transforming companies into communities.

I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.
A. Einstein

examples of accompaniment experiences that others had with

For Management Teams and CEOs:

  • A sparring partner of CEO, MD, manager
  • Coach or mentor of a board or MT
  • Facilitating workshops for MT (off-sites) to strengthen unity
  • Facilitating of specific meetings on sensitive or complex subjects
  • Designing and guiding a transformation process
  • Assisting with organisational change
  • Design and assist with management development programmes

For organisations as a whole

  • Facilitating the purpose finding process
  • Facilitating developing a shared vision and strategy
  • Facilitating meaningful conversations in the organisation on specific topics such as race or gender diversity

For individuals

  • Coach or mentor to individuals
  • Assisting individuals in bringing about meaningful change at their workplace


How does accompany management teams and CEOs?

  • Identifying the need
    What is it that your organisation needs and how can we design together with a step-by-step process that suits the reality of your company to become a community?
  • A first step
    A workshop session that brings about unity of vision of your team about what it takes to transform your company into a community.
  • Creating conditions
    Accompaniment of management teams in the development of institutional capacities.

How does accompany organisations as a whole?

  • Finding the purpose and the soul
    An in-company programme to identify the values, purpose and volition of your organisation
  • Building a vision together
    Developing a shared vision on reality and the potential of the organisation
  • Unity in diversity
    Creating unity between people so that our diversity becomes a source of power, resilience and innovation

How does accompany individuals?

  • Creating impact
    Accompaniment and coaching of individual leaders
  • Soulful personal coaching
    Accompaniment of individuals on their path of personal transformation

online or on location

Due to Covid-19, new ways of communication and interactions are needed. We already worked remotely internationally and therefore have a lot of experience with doing online sessions. Since March 2020 we have learned additional inspiring ways to have meaningful and joyful meetings and interactions online.

We also still love to have sessions at the workplace or in our studio in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), San Salvador (El Salvador) or Santiago (Chile).

Are you interested in our accompaniment?

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