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a growing and learning community of people and organisations

Experts in community building – We are an international training and consultancy company focussed on building capacity in people to take charge of their own development in becoming a community. We have two decades of experience in transforming companies into communities. We consider communities as the highest form of human organisation where the various talents and capacities of different people are channelled into one purposeful and productive movement.


Soul.com does not represent any individual, national, religious, political, or corporate point of view. Our evolving framework – our principles, our models, our thoughts, and our language – is inspired by many different sources, amongst them scientific, philosophical, spiritual, religious, artistic and personal life stories. We welcome all people to share their perspectives on social and economical life, in order to arrive at a shared understanding and reach higher levels of unity amongst different groups in organisations and society.

Our purpose and values

Soul.com is raised upon a strong foundation of values. We have resolved not to build partnerships with corporations, institutions, governments or individuals that go against this basic set of values. Our purpose is to inspire, train, and accompany millions of people to dedicate their lives towards making the world work for 100% of humanity. We do this by empowering people to become agents of change who can transform their companies into communities.

Our shared vision

After years of research and experience, a conceptual framework has emerged about transforming companies into communities. It consists of principles, values, and language that shapes the way we think and act.  Existing assumptions about leadership, the role of companies, and motivation of people will need to be challenged and a new work ethic will need to emerge that allows people to live a coherent and meaningful life.

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Our experience and clients

Soul.com has been working in the field of meaningful personal and organisational change for over two decades. We have worked with various organisations in different industries, including banking (ABN AMRO, Moneyou, Rabobank, Mirabaud group), educational institutions (University of Amsterdam, HvA, ROC Amsterdam, UBIS, 8 universities in El Salvador), chemical industry (Roche, Stamicarbon), IT companies (SAP, AOE, Kien ICT), not-for-profit organisations (TED, Unicef), and governmental institutions (eg. El Salvador, Bhutan, The Netherlands, US). Our team consists of various experienced and diverse facilitators who are committed to build communities and unlock human potential.


Over the years, we have applied the concepts and insights of community building to ourselves with great attention. In this process, we have decided to transform our legal structure from a limited liability enterprise into a cooperative, in order to continue learning about shared ownership and sustainability.

Creating meaningful work

Soul.com offers a growing number of people to become part of the cooperative and together reshape the world through meaningful work. If you are interested in becoming part of the cooperative, please contact us.

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