our shared vision

A shared vision is the capacity to see together: we are able to read the reality of our environment and we are able to see what is possible. Through the use of systems thinking, we have developed a number of points or “design criteria” that describe how we strive to behave in order to fulfil our purpose.

We listen attentively to ourselves, to others, and to our environment and strive to reach shared understanding of what is

We reflect regularly in a calm and humble atmosphere upon our progress and opportunities

We make decisions collectively through consultation

We serve each other to progress and to focus on the common good and not to busy ourselves with our own interests

We see potential in every human being and organisation, despite the apathy, cynicism or resistance that may exist

We boldly share a hopeful future that invites people to make their own choice to engage or not

We create space for people to take initiative and contribute so that they can develop their own potential

We generate, apply, and disseminate knowledge freely and generously

We redefine boundaries not seeing people or organisations as “the other”, but recognizing we are part of one system

We are creating prosperity and wellbeing for all by redefining success and thinking in terms of abundance instead of scarcity