our transformation process

what we learnt and how we apply it

How can we dedicate ourselves towards making the world work for 100% of humanity when our own way of functioning is not fully aligned with the principles of unity, truthfulness, trust, and mutual cooperation? As a result, we are constantly learning ourselves about redefining established businesses processes, such as sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and leadership.

Our perspective on sales

We aspire to create partnerships based on trust, friendship and reciprocity. To be faithful to our purpose and philosophy, we had to radically rethink the concept of consultancy and how we relate to other companies.

the enterprise
of creating a global
development strategy
requires a radical
rethinking of most
of the concepts and

currently governing
social and economic life.

Indeed, the concept of sales has been evolving to build relationships characterized by justice, truthfulness, and trust. We establish meaningful partnerships – based on collaboration and reciprocity – with companies that wish to contribute to society and have a long-term perspective. Companies that truly wish to learn and become a community, rather than looking for a quick fix or pain relief. Such companies demonstrate ownership of their transformation process by allocating the necessary resources and time to it.

Our approach is one of building friendships through meaningful conversations. We don’t have clients. Instead, we have friends and partners with whom we are reshaping the world.

Our perspective on marketing and communication

We experienced this field to be full of self-orientated messages, superficial content, and many catchy but empty slogans. At the same time, we also realized that the language and tone we used in our communication did not match the expectations or needs of organisations that would greatly benefit from our work and experience. It was as if we spoke two very different languages: people felt inspired by the concepts and principles but could not see how this would relate in any way to the struggles their organisations faced. Instead, we found that people would turn to conventional approaches or techniques that were easy to understand, but short-lived.

We, therefore, state that the purpose of our communication is to increase shared understanding and build more unity among people. Moreover, our communication is to advance knowledge somehow. Either we learn something new, the other person, or both.

Core to our approach to communication are the following principles:

  • Listening at the basis of communication
  • Our intentions are to serve others
  • Boldly share a hopeful future
  • Reflection as the space for learning
  • Knowledge is to be shared generously
  • Beautiful language, tone and style

Our perspective on leadership

Leadership is not about being charismatic, convincing or being confident. The first quality of leadership is to be able to use the talents and capacities of people towards serving the community. Leadership is about the ability to promote unity between people and to accompany others to raise their capacity. Decision making about community affairs is a collective endeavour, not by one individual.

The soul.com community is growing both in terms of people getting involved and the number of countries. In response to this growth, a formal arrangement has been established called “Soul Institute” to consolidate this expansion and facilitate further growth and development.

The Soul Institute is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • devising effective mechanisms to enable the insights arising from progress within the community to be widely applied;
  • paying particular attention to how the educational program can be strengthened;
  • maintain the community’s focus on the requirements of our purpose and call the ever-widening circle of people to higher and higher levels of unity
  • refine the administrative and financial systems so that the work of expansion and consolidation can be properly supported.